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Fast Lane Tract

Author: David Charles Spurgeon

Price: $.06 each or $6.00 per 100 tracts

Pages: 8 panels (3 1/2" x 5 1/2")

The "Fast Lane" tract was written shortly after Brother Spurgeon was sentenced to 5 years probation by Federal Judge Walter H. Rice. It was first published in August of 1992. Much prayer was put into determining how many to print that first run, but we decided to "go for it" and had 15,000 printed. They were gone in 3 months. Since then, almost 2 million have been printed in English and it has also been reprinted in Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Mongolian, Telegu, and Nepalese. To date, we have received over 2,000 responses and they continue to come in regularly.

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Bikin' and Brotherhood: My Journey

Author: David Charles Spurgeon

Price: $20.00 signed (shipping to continental U.S. included)

:  402, paperback

Author David Spurgeon provides a firsthand look into the world of the Harley enthusiast and beyond. He takes you to where few have dared to trod into the sinister, and often misunderstood, reality of the true one percenters. He takes you on a ride into a place about which many are curious, but few know well.

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Author David Spurgeon talks about his troubled background that started with a motorcycle club and drug use and eventually landed him in jail on his way to prison. Spurgeon tells how he eventually found redemption and became motivated to self-publish his memoir, "Bikin' and Brotherhood: My Journey," with WestBow Press.